2019 wrapped

Everybody looks back on their year in December, to remind all the fortunes and misfortunes of the year. Both are crucially important for the development of the company. So, we in Hepta also decided to look back on our year to reminisce, to think through what we learned, to celebrate and to be prepared for[…]

Hepta Group Airborne’s project is supported by Norway Grants Green ICT programme

Hepta Group Airborne is supported by Norway Grants Green ICT small scheme programme, aiming to stimulate and develop innovation-led long-term business cooperation between Estonia and Norway. The small scheme project is necessary to prepare for the main call project in order to further develop Hepta Group Airborne’s cutting-edge autonomous power grid inspection system. The aim[…]

Startup support from Enterprise Estonia

In February 2018 Hepta Airborne was supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The name of the grant project is “Surveillance of the power lines with helicopter-type drone systems”. The aim of the project is to develop 4 different drone platforms to a complete system to service already existing clients of Hepta[…]

Hepta Energy sai tunnustuse “Edukas Eesti Ettevõte”

Creditinfo Eesti AS koostöös rahvusvahelise kontserniga Creditinfo Group tunnustab tublisid Eesti ettevõtteid. „Eduka Eesti Ettevõtte“ tiitli saavad ettevõtted, kelle majanduslik seisukord on Creditinfo reitingu järgi suurepärane (AAA), väga hea (AA) või hea (A). Kõrge krediidireiting räägib ettevõtte heast majandusolukorrast, tublidest finantstulemustest ning korrektsest maksekäitumisest. See on märk ettevõtte usaldusväärsusest ja kõrgest krediidivõimest. Väga hea reitingu[…]